Tesla owners share their best tips for taking an EV on a road trip

Tesla owners share their best tips for taking an EV on a road trip: Several Tesla owners believe those drivers simply haven’t mastered the learning curve yet, despite the fact that several EV owners have shared horror stories about taking an electric car on a road trip.

In a series of interviews with Insider, eight Tesla aficionados and a first-time Tesla renter provided some advice on how to carry out a good EV road trip, from avoiding certain roads to preparing ahead and being creative on the road.

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Range anxiety and a lack of infrastructure for charging EVs are major barriers to their adoption, but Tesla owners claim it is possible to get past these issues and even embrace some of the advantages of driving across the country in an EV, including saving on gas and taking advantage of features like Autopilot. However, some drivers claim that traveling in a Tesla can be quite frustrating.

Here are some comments made by Tesla owners about their long-distance driving experiences.

Most people experience fear while taking their first road trip, but owners advise learning to trust their vehicles.

It’s natural to experience anxiety on your first EV road trip, according to many Tesla owners.

Dennis Duncan, a Model Y owner who has driven his EV across the country, including on an annual trip from Washington state to Montana, told Insider, “After the first outbound trip when I was being very careful and charging to a higher percentage than necessary at each stop, I learned to trust what my Tesla was telling me about the state of charge, my expected range, and that there were chargers along the way.”

Drivers are advised to begin with shorter journeys and stay close to interstates.

Start within 200 miles of your starting point and get used to the range and how your driving affects it, advised Ken Vizena, a Model Y owner who frequently travels cross-country with his car. “Avoid beginning your cross-country drive. Start with short travels through densely crowded regions.

According to Vienna, it’s critical to pay attention to both the number and location of charging stations along your route. Before embarking on a road trip with their electric vehicle, he advised new Tesla owners to ask themselves a number of questions, including: How far off course will the charges take you? Do they have locations where you would feel secure while waiting?

The majority of Tesla owners concur that the Supercharger network is a substantial benefit.

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